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Queralt Ruíz is a young Salamanca businesswoman who, from a very young age, watched her father while making jewelry, first in the home workshop and later in the jewelry store that they opened on Avenida de comuneros 42, JOYERÍA MAYTE. This was undoubtedly the best crib for her daughter, of which they are very proud of the successes obtained as a businesswoman and mother. The images of the jewels that his father made, had to be impregnated so much in his memory, that today and thanks to his personal brand, BY QUERALT RUÍZ, his designs and jewels are known not only locally, also in Spain and in other countries like the USA.
This woman, with a sweet voice, lively eyes and great sympathy, has managed to conquer her clients whom she advises and personalizes their jewelry.

When you enter in some of her three shops, a sense of glamor invades you, because she and her employees know how to please the most demanding customer.

Since a little more than a decade ago, THE MINI STORE opened, on Rúa de Salamanca street, it has not stopped undertaking. She opened a new museum store on San Justo Street, LA QUNA CHARRA, where tourists and citizens can learn and enjoy our goldsmith's shop, its origins, manufacturing and varieties. The other store is at the end of la Rua street, next to the cathedral, a fact that makes to fall in love with its products to all visitors who come to Salamanca.

Queralt is a very brave person with very clear ideas, he knows where he wants to go and has already fulfilled one of his big dreams with this jewelry project. He is bringing the charro button to the top. He knows how to adapt to fashion and designs for today's people, combining tradition and innovation.
Her jewels, with a woman's name are impregnated with the force that Queralt awakens. Who dares to wear her goldsmith designs will undoubtedly arouse admiration, because they give off elegance and harmony, but By Queralt is much more, his designs and jewels adapt very well to the needs and preferences of the market, as was evident in his latest parade in el Casino de Salamanca.
From, we want to help in the dissemination and support of this businesswoman and her stores and raise consumer awareness of the need to make purchases in small businesses in order to advance the progress of the city's economy.


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